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The Different Types of Blinds for Homes

The Different Types of Blinds for Homes

In any home, there are certain living conditions that need to be met for people to live comfortably, and the accessories, décor and utilities we include in our homes all contribute to an ideal living environment.

Some of the most important of these needs are those that include natural, encompassing lighting; adequate levels of privacy and security and of course, an aesthetically pleasing setting that makes us feel happy whenever spending time in our indoor spaces.

While there are a number of unique solutions that meet these needs amicably, few of them are considered as essential to the home as window curtains and blinds, which can make an astoundingly large difference to how you feel about your home and the way that it meets your need for creature comforts.

So, to help you select the best possible solution in terms of window blinds for your home, here is a comprehensive collection of useful information about them, collated from our team of blind suppliers in the East Rand.

Here we will talk about exactly what blinds are, the functions they fulfil in the home, their different types and makes, as well as the most commonly chosen materials used to make them.

What Exactly are Window Blinds?

We’ve all come across blinds in some form or another, there may even be sets of them in your home right now.

In a nutshell, they offer a versatile way to meet a number of your home’s needs through a solution that allows for greater control over privacy and the amount of light let into internal spaces.

They are, in short, a type of window covering that comes in many different forms depending on your specifications, that are fully adjustable through a number of control systems, whether they let you separate the slats that make up the system of blinds, or by fully drawing them open and closed when the need arises.

They can be found in generic designs, can be custom-made according to size, material and style, or could even incorporate elements of both to provide a light, privacy and aesthetic solution that meets the exact requirements of the home they are fitted to.

This is, of course, a fairly broad definition that attempts to describe blinds of a wide variety. But with so many different types, functions and materials, we will need to look a little bit closer.

Top Reasons for Investing in Window Blinds

Let’s begin by looking at the main reasons why homeowners tend to decide to invest in blinds. The reason for getting blinds will have an effect on the type of blinds you end up looking for, making this a good starting point for the discussion.

These reasons include enhancing the aesthetics of a home, improving on its privacy, and adding to its sense of style through aesthetics:

Improving the Aesthetics of Internal Spaces

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt to invest in blinds (regardless of the type they end up choosing) is to add to the sense of style in their homes.

Window blinds offer a fairly versatile solution in this regard thanks to the amount of control they give. When closed they can add to your home’s sense of style by adding to its theme, colour scheme, dimensions and more.

This will be affected by the type of blinds you choose to go for, its colour, what materials are used to make it, and its dimensions.

Enhancing Light & Temperature Control

Blinds offer their primary function in the form of optimised light and temperature control for internal spaces.

They give their owners unparalleled levels of control with regards to how much light is let into a house by controlling the positioning of the slats used to block UV rays in the home.

This offers the added benefit of creating a more temperate and comfortable environment in the home, one where furniture, appliances and people can be protected from damage caused by overexposure to sunlight.


Ensuring Privacy & Security

Blinds also offer a powerful tool for homeowners to improve the privacy and security of their home.

Working on the same functions that give blinds exceptional lighting control, slats in the blinds can be positioned in such a way as to obscure views inside and outside of the home.

This gives homeowners full control over their privacy and enhances security by blocking the view into the rooms; acting as an effective deterrent for thieves.

Popular Choices for Window Blinds

Once you understand why you are interested in installing blinds in your home, it is time to consider the type of blinds you would prefer gracing your windows.

There are many different types available on the market; so we will choose to cover the most popular of them.

These include Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, cellular shades, roman blinds and micro blinds:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are some of the most commonly found in homes all over the world. They are highly functional, robust and have an adaptive sense of style that makes them applicable to a range of different settings.

They are identifiable by there characteristic horizontal slats that are placed above one another. These slats can have their angle adjusted to either fully obscure the window behind them or can be adjusted to open enough to see through them.

The unique difference between Venetian blinds and other types is the way that these horizontal slats can be adjusted for better control over light, privacy and temperatures, and the fact that their materials generally allow them to fully block light out when properly installed since they are generally made from uPVC, wood or aluminium; as opposed to fabrics that only block so much of the light coming through them.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are typically used to cover large windows since they can more easily cover a larger surface area.

As their name may suggest, their slats fall vertically, unlike Venetian blinds that are placed horizontally.

In addition to this, their slats can also be controlled, generally through the use of a drawstring that changes their angle, thusly allowing light through, or blocking it completely.

These types of blinds, due to the fact that their slats are large and fall vertically, are often made from softer materials such as fabrics; which also makes them a fairly cost-effective solution; albeit one that isn’t as well suited to light control as Venetian blinds.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shade blinds are specifically designed to offer exceptional light and temperature control when compared to their counterparts.

By incorporating a specialised design into the shape of the cells in the materials that make up the slats, these types of blinds are able to hold air within their materials.

This not only makes them an exceptional control solution for both light and temperature but also ensures that any home fitted with them, has an easier time of managing its own energy efficiency; particularly where other appliances are used to cool the home.

When these appliances are used without a blinds solution that enhances the energy efficiency of the home, they tend to burn through more energy, resulting in higher utility costs.

Roman Blinds

While Roman blinds offer something in the way of light, temperature and privacy control in internal spaces, they offer most of their benefits in the form of aesthetics.

Their major difference in design from other types is that they feature larger coverings instead of slats, that are typically made up of fabric, rather than harder materials like wood or uPVC.

When closed, a singular cover falls over the window to block out light and heat while adding significantly to the aesthetic style of the room; when opened, they stack neatly without any visible bumps or ribs in the fabric as it retracts.

The choice of fabrics included in Roman blinds is generally the biggest contributor to their effectiveness, their style, and of course, their price.

Micro Blinds

Micro blinds are unique in that they are perfectly suited to smaller windows, and they offer exceptional levels of light and temperature control thanks to the addition of smaller, more concentrated slats.

Since these blinds offer a light control solution that makes use of more slats, they are able to fit together more tightly when closed completely; stopping even more light and heat from entering into the internal space.

As a result of their exceptional light and temperature control, they also greatly improve the energy efficiency of homes, particularly those that make use of cooling and heating appliances.

Much like solutions that you can get from Venetian blind suppliers, micro blinds are made up from the harder spectrum of materials, with their slats typically being made up of either aluminium, wood or uPVC.

Commonly Used Materials

Once you have selected the type and style of blinds that you think would be the best addition to your home, it is time to consider the materials that make them up.

There is a range of materials you can choose from, including aluminium, wood and uPVC.

Each of these materials has its own unique properties, which means that they come with their own unique sets of advantages and drawbacks when used on blinds.

When discussing these materials, we will concentrate on those used to make their slats, as this is where their unique features are most easily observed.


uPVC comes with a number of unique advantages and features, especially when applied to window blinds and shades.

Blind slats that are made up of uPVC have the advantage of being remarkably energy-efficient thanks to the material’s exceptional energy efficiency.

uPVC can also be used to come up with a number of attractive design styles, making uPVC one of the most widely used materials for blinds.

Like any material, however, uPVC also comes with one or two drawbacks that you should consider before investing in these types of blinds.

For starters, they are not very resistant to fire and burn easily. They are also not as strong as some of the other materials on this list, which means that they might need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

In addition, their colour will eventually fade due to constant contact with sunlight, which means that it won’t uphold its aesthetic appeal for as long as other materials.


Wood is widely used for manufacturing blinds due to a number of unique benefits that this material offers to the home.

Wood is a remarkably versatile solution, allowing blinds to come in a variety of styles. Wood is also exceptionally easy to maintain and keep clean; which makes their upkeep a simple affair.

In addition to this, wood adds a natural sense of style wherever it is present in the home, adding significantly to the aesthetic appeal behind these types of blinds.

Wooden blinds, thanks to their ease of maintenance, are also long-lasting, versatile and strong.

Of course, wood also comes with a handful of disadvantages that you should consider before getting it. For instance, it is easily damaged by damp conditions, and in some cases, may even result in the onset of mould or mildew in such settings.

It is also vulnerable to fire and more importantly, pests such as termites, which can make short work of wood, especially if it is not properly and regularly treated.


And so, we come to the granddaddy of materials that can be used in blinds; aluminium. Widely coveted as the best (and therefore the most expensive) material used in blinds; it offers a number of unique advantages when used in this way.

Aluminium blinds are an exceptional aesthetic choice and add an additional sense of style to any modern environment they are used in.

They are also very durable, will last a very long time, and are particularly easy to take care of and clean.

Since metal conducts heat and cold, however, aluminium blinds are not the best choice for energy-efficient homes.

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