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Choosing the perfect company to supply your blinds.

Choosing the perfect company to supply your blinds.

Blinds come in many shapes, sizes, designs and colours. Picking the perfect ones to complement your home can be challenging. Blinds look best when they custom made to fit nice and snug on your window. Let’s elaborate a little.

Tips and tricks to choosing the perfect blinds for your home.

Different blinds will block out different shades of light. If you are choosing blinds for your bedroom, look for the darkest shade & block out for those weekend mornings you would like to sleep in. The materials of blinds vary, ask to see them all, textures, feels and designs before making a final decision. Blinds are very easy to maintain in fact they are a better option than curtains. A prime consideration when choosing blinds is durability.

How to choose blinds for your windows.

Blinds should be chosen according to your interior and wall colour. You wouldn’t want you house to clash. Of course, contrasting shades are in at the moment but there are some interior no no’s, explore your options. Privacy is to be considered, will your blinds be left open constantly or are they the raw purpose to keep keeping Tom’s out of sight. Children at home creates a whole other hurdle. Be sure to decide on child safe blinds, the accessibility and motorised blinds might be a little issue.



Does the company you choose install blinds?

It’s probably a good idea to ask this from the start. Installing blinds can be a mission on its own. Leave it to the professionals. Allow them to come out, measure, custom make your blinds and install them. You wouldn’t want to give them the wrong measurements and end up with a tiny blind in a big window.

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