What is the different types of blinds that you get?
There are a variety of different types of blinds that you can get for your home. All blinds are each designed to fit all types of styles, budgets and needs. Blinds are affordable, durable and easy to install, which makes it even more of an effective solution for shading in your home, keeping it cool and protecting your indoor furniture from sun damage. There are different types of blinds on the market for you to choose from, such as, wood venetian blinds, aluminium venetian blinds and fabric vertical blinds.
How do you clean and maintain your blinds?
Cleaning and maintaning your blinds will ensure that they enjoy the full length of their lifespan, and keep adding to the style of your home or office. Because there are different types of blinds, each of them are cleaned differently. With wood venetian blinds you should avoid using water, rather use a dust-cloth, duster or even a vacuum brush to wipe them down gently. Aluminium venetian blinds can be dusted or washed with warm water and a cloth, be sure to dab the blinds with a dry towel afterwards. Fabric vertical blinds can be a little more complicated because it sometimes picks up stubborn dirt, but you can wash it with warm water. It is recommended to regularly dust them, to stop stains from forming.
Looking for professionals to clean your blinds?
The safest approach to cleaning any type of blind, is to get a professional company to do it for you. Be sure to contact Dynamic Traders to clean and maintain your blinds today!
Aluminium venetian blinds are strong, beautiful, simple to clean and recyclable. These blinds are great for controlling the light and are a contemporary classic with their uncluttered design.
Aluminium in its solid form is soft enough to sculpt. When it is mixed with a small amount of other metals, it becomes as strong as steel.
In addition, aluminium is non-corrosive because it is protected by its own oxide film and is able to flex under loads.
Another advantage of aluminium venetian blinds is that it is reflective, which assists you in saving money on your electricity bill. These blinds prevent heat from getting into the building during summer. On the other hand, when closed, aluminium blinds do a great job of sealing the warmth inside which will result in keeping your heating bill lower.
What is the best way to clean wooden blinds?
Many wooden blinds are treated with a remarkable finish to repel stains and dirt. Wooden blinds can be wiped with a good quality polish and soft cloth.
Spray the polish on the cloth and wipe each individual blind, avoid touching the cords.
For a more in depth cleaning, you can use water. However, be careful not to saturate the wood. Make sure to wipe the excess water off immediately to avoid discolouration or warping.