The Importance of Light Control in Your Home

The Importance of Light Control in Your Home

Natural light is important for life as we know it. It’s the reason why our homes are designed to let enough of those glorious rays in to keep us comfortable (most of the time anyway). As an important source of vitamin D and also the means through which we are able to see the world around us (and trust me, artificial light doesn’t quite cut it), we need the sun in our lives.

But that doesn’t mean we need it in every area of our homes, nor all the time.

Letting the Light in

Light is important for our wellbeing and so it is important to ensure that our homes get enough of it, and on a regular basis. The morning sun gets plenty of people up in the morning, that sun-room warms the bones and it is always best to read or work with natural light pouring in over your shoulder (this helps protect your eyesight).

Light also serves as a natural disinfectant, and so is important for staving off the onset of mould, mildew and other unwanted organisms. Because of this, having rooms with enough light being let in is essential for a happy home.

Keeping the Light Out

Of course, sunlight is not always welcome in the home. There are times when and reasons why it should be kept out from time to time.

Consider for instance how the midday sun heats a home in summer; keeping indoor spaces cool thusly means keeping it out.

Working on a computer screen with a blinding glare from the window behind you is another situation where the sun is not welcome.

Your furniture, too, needs respite from the sun which can age it long before its time. In many rooms in your house, the sun’s harshest hours make it necessary to block those rays from coming through the window.

The Freedom to Choose

Opting for better light control in your home is simple, and also gives you the freedom to choose when to light the way and when to opt for shade. Window blinds, which can easily be drawn to let light in or block it out are the ideal way to take better control of light in your home, or even at your place of work.

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