Why you Need Trellis Doors

Why you Need Trellis Doors

Your everyday south African homeowner has been faced with many a problem regarding security over the years and fortunately, presented with many security advancements as well. Advancements in alarm systems, beams and other home security solutions have given us the peace of mind in our own homes. However the most simplistic systems remain the most reliable and by this, we mean good old fashioned trellis door. This home security option has safeguarded homes for decades, and here’s why you need one.

Customisable Security

A major benefit of trellis door is that it can basically be tailored to fit any space. The easily retractable design can be installed anywhere, granted it’s between adjacent walls in your home. Windows, sliding doors and passageways can all be secured with trellis doors, maximising your home security and giving you the peace of mind you need to sleep soundly at night.

Slam Lock trumps traditional

Slam lock systems are far superior to regular old fashioned padlocked security gates because they can easily be closed and locked in a hurry if in the situation it is needed. Our trellis doors have stainless steel roller bearings that slide easily and comfortably over the gate tracks, making the opening and closing of the trellis door a dream. You don’t want to be fussing with locks and fiddling to find your keys when you need to secure your home in a hurry.

At dynamic traders

There is no plastic used in our trellis doors whatsoever, this makes the trellis more rigid and secure. The stainless steel roller bearings ensure that you will have years of maintenance-free use. For your peace of mind, we at dynamic traders also install burglar bars that fully match the doors, keeping your home both stylish and safe from intruders. Contact Dynamic traders for any and all of your trellis door and home security needs.




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